Daily Archives: January 11, 2015

Ambient drone, is perfect soundtrack for work, late night journeys and reading dystopic thrillers



Steve Roach has effectively given us a soundtrack for “pretty much” any situation. While the idea of ambient drone might not be for everyone, this is perfect to put when you have something to do and want back ground music.



At 58 minutes long this isn’t a pop album, in all fairness it’s a selection of suites that merge into one another, but there are plenty of hooks. This is the perfect album to play while on a late night journey as it’s very cinematic and will enhance the journey. It’s also a perfect album to play while working. As studies have proven white noise is the best thing to listen to while working, as it blocks out all other office noise. This album does a similar thing, but there are melodies to engage with.



So if you have something important to do today, or in the up-coming week why not use this as your soundtrack. If you like this why not check out any of the countless other albums that Steve Roach has release. Each is different from the one that preceded it, but they all share the same vibe. I can’t wait to hear what Roach releases next!