10/01/2015 – SJ Tucker-Black Swan Blues (2015)

What do you get it if cross blues and fairy tales? SJ Tucker!



Short and sweet today, just like the new SJ Tucker album Stolen Season. SJ Tucker mixes Joni Mitchell, M R James, Led Zeppelin, Sandy Denny and the Grimm Fairy tales. Her music is rich in imagery, considering the influences. Each track has its own story and vibe.



This is an album you can get lost in and if you put in the time. With each play you pick up on something new. The tracks stop being just folk rock ditties, and turn in to full blown experiences!













  1. Oh, I really like that beat! Kind of a bluesy / jazzy feel to it.

  2. cassandrassirensong said:

    I’ve never heard is SJ Tucker, but I’m glad you shared. I like it 🙂

  3. cassandrassirensong said:

    I’ve never heard of SJ Tucker before. I’m glad you shared, I liked it 🙂

  4. sophiebowns said:

    Ah, I’ve never heard of that artist either….whoops!

      • sophiebowns said:

        I always try to branch out with my musical tastes….
        I like the harmony of their voices during the song, they were great.

  5. lcrilley said:

    Every time I visit your blog – I’m exposed to new music. Thanks for sharing. Like VJ shared, I like the bluesy, jazzy feel.

  6. I have never heard of this before, but enjoyed it!

  7. A very relaxing music to ponder. I think I listed it at the movie.

  8. Really interesting mix, definitely need to keep my ear out for more.

  9. I was specifically looking for Black Swan Blues, glad it has been released! I love SJ Tucker since finding her music last year – whimsical songs (Alligator in my House), amazing renditions (Tam Lin), artistic melodies (Kashkash) and so much more. I shall enter the realm once again and purchase the new album.

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