Daily Archives: January 9, 2015

Ian Parton and Co. returns with new album and single



After the Go! Team released their last album Rolling Blackouts in 2011 there was a rumour that it was to be their last. These rumours were starting to look like fact, until last year when their official website started giving information about a new album. Now the album is finished and will be released this March on Memphis Industries, with lead single the Scene Between released this week.





This is the Go! Team firing on all cylinders. Opening with a harpsichord loop and their trademark big drum beat, it swells until the vocals kick in. From there the track incorporates a heady mix of Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie, Soul, Rock and a heady dollop of pyschedelia to create possibly one of the best pop songs in recent memory.



What makes the Go! Team such a formidable musical power house, is their ability to take elements from different genres and create something new and refreshing. Through clever sampling, and original instrumentation the Scene Between encapsulates the feeling of Spring and Summer, while never sounding tawdry or forced. It’s looking like the Scene Between is another album to start looking forward to, if this is anything to go by!