06/01/2015 – Death Grips-Runway N (2015)

Surprise soundtrack from Death Grips, shows there’s still plenty of life in the group despite breakup rumours



Fashion Week is an instrumental ‘soundtrack’ from experimental noise hip-hop group Death Grips. This is a total surprise as by their own admission last July they’d broken up. However last year saw them release the first part of a double album, the second part is due sometime this year. Either they’re cleaning out the hard drives for new and purging everything that is Death Grips before they move on, or these 14 tracks are demos from the Powers that B session’s that they couldn’t work out what to do with. Either way it’s anyone’s guess. All that we know is that strange story of Death Grips rolls on.



Fashion Week is comprised of 14 tracks. Each one is called Runway, but instead of numbers, a letter has been added at the end of each track. As with everything Death Grips does, these letters aren’t for show, when the album is in the correct order is spells out JENNY DEATH WHEN. While this might seem a cryptic to a newcomer, Jenny Death is the name of the second part of the double album Powers that B.



Musically Fashion Week is what we’ve come to expect from Death Grips. It’s hard, fast, abrasive and catchy. The music incorporates elements from hip-hop, glitchy tech house, 1970’s prog rock, psychedelia, banging electronica, filthy dubstep and rock, whilst seamlessly creating something new and vibrant. This is possibly the most cohesive and immediate album Death Grips have ever released, which makes their ‘breaking up’ the more poignant.



One interesting thing about the album is the total lack of MC Ride. MC Ride is one of most important ingredients of Death Grips sound and his absence is noticeable. During certain tracks Runway N and Runway A, you can almost hear his horse gravely vocals spitting out aggressively cryptic dystopic. His lack of appearance does make you question, as I mentioned earlier, if these are just demo’s that the band couldn’t quite work out what to do with, or if they are new tracks recorded with the idea of this ‘soundtrack’ in mind. Either way Fashion Weeks leaves you with more questions than answers, but this adds to its playability, and plays into the myth of Death Grips.












  1. sophiebowns said:

    Another one I haven’t heard of!

      • sophiebowns said:

        It’s not bad, although I don’t normally listen to that type of music. I wasn’t all that keen on the vocals!

      • Vocals? This is an instrumental.

  2. Wow…that sure is different. Sounds like a lot of drumming going on.

  3. I’m a shame to say but I’ve never heard of Death Grip, but interesting background on the album. They seem to be very purpose driven. Everything from naming to style seems to have a meaning, so as you say I can’t see this as a “we’re getting out of the business” album.

  4. Neeci said:

    Hmm I never heard of this one. Sounds like static and drums. I can appreciate a good drumming session though.

  5. Very fascinating sound! I love how you introduce so many different songs to us! 😀

  6. Hmmm.. said:

    I think this album is awesome tbh.

    • I concur! I played it four times without realising I’d done it.

      • Hmmm.. said:

        Me 2 kind of ;D

      • Glad you liked the blog. I have other Death Grips review too.

      • Hmmm.. said:

        Yeah! I know! I followed you on my last blog, named Lifelifedeathdeath 🙂

      • Hmmm.. said:

        Indeed! (just kiddin’).

        Everytime I search the tag “music” or something like that, you are there.. so maybe it’s you that got them skillz in writing ’bout music 🙂

      • Glad you keep finding more stuff to listen to on here. I have written a lot of posts in the last three years…

      • Hmmm.. said:

        Internet is fantastic!

  7. Wow, very heavy sound, it will take me some time to get used to it

    • That’s a fair comment, but if you listen to the other tracks, its really an amazing piece of work.

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