04/01/2015 – NOMADS-Sunset on the Range (2015)

Ambient Post-Rock is the perfect soundtrack for the first Sunday of the year



Hailing from Cleveland Ohio NOMADS create an ethereal, dream like brand of Post-Rock. It is full of all the trademarks of this genre, sparse drumming, melodic guitar, atmospheric FX, but what the duo NOMADS do wonderfully is add a layer of space to their tracks.



They have taken the blueprint that Sigur Rós made famous, but instead of copying it, they made it fit their own vision and have filled it with heavier guitars, and a form of desert blues. The cover of When Those around Us Leave is of mountains, NOMADS have perfectly created a musical version of this picture. Listening to this album you feel that you are walking in those mountains. All around you is sky and mountains. This is replicated in the music perfectly. The guitars and drums are the crunch of your foot on the rocks, yet the FX is the air and sky that surrounds you as you walk up the mountain.



The downside to this album, as with all Post-Rock albums, is that about halfway through it all begins to sound the same. The tracks merge into one and you can’t really distinguish them apart. This being said, When Those around Us Leave, is a very well throughout and arranged album. It shows not only an understanding of the genre, but of what can be achieved through minimal elements. Considering NOAMDS are a two-piece this is an astonishing feat. What their live shows are like I cannot say, but when they come to the UK they will be near the top of my list of bands to see live!















  1. I love when a song can really make you feel like you’re in a specific place by the sounds the instruments make, where the sounds remind you of an experience you’ve had in your past. Love that. I agree with you about songs sounding the same though. It seems to be a trend with this kind of music.

  2. Not sure that I like this type of genre. It sounds as though it were written to be a soundtrack to a movie, though, so there’s some potential for it.

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