Daily Archives: January 3, 2015

Dorset quartet show that Psych is alive and well in Robert Fripp’s hometown!



When you grow up in the same area as guitar legend (and I use this to the Nth degree) Robert Fripp you could be forgiven for realising that music in 4/4 is well, a bit boring. 90% of the other bands from the area would strongly disagree with you and continue to craft ‘good’ indie pop songs, but Those Minor Characters have decided to follow Fripp’s example and do something a bit different.



Sounding like a mixture of the Cooper Temple Clause, Music Machine and the Travel Agency, Weather King is the strongest track Those Minor Characters have released to date. Opening with a driving guitar this motif continues for the remainder of the song. Weather King pulls you into its vortex of surging bass, overdriven guitar and whimsical lyrics, about a very serious subject (nice Reggie Perrin reference), until you yield and give yourself up to its charm.



While it’s not as heavy or hard hitting as their previous work, it feels more effective because of it. I expect that live it will be a faster fuzzed out affair, and I look forward to hearing it live in the next 12 months. Rumour has it there is a new EP in the pipeline and if this is anything to go by it will eclipse their previous work and they might need another name change. How does Those Major Characters sound lads?