02/01/2015 – Team Brick-Goodbye Laika (2010)

Almost complete boxset from Psych Drone Experimental band surfaces online, the New Year is off to a great start!



The New Year is a great time for bands to clear their cupboards, and harddrives, and purge all their old material to make way for the new. The Death of Pop did it last year and now Team Brick have done it this year. Team Brick – 2002-2010 (Digital Box Set) does exactly what the title says. Its eight years in the bands life. Pretty much everything is here, expect for the Alogon album.



Some of the tracks feel like demos or works in progress (the Dalek EP and Breeds album), others are fully formed (When Crabs Say Their Names), but what they all contain is originality and a desire not to conform. A desire to push against the door of torpidity until it cracks and breaks under this body of work.



This is a boxset for anyone who has had enough of sugar sweet pop, autotuned indie and anything produced to within an inch of its life. Granted there are parts of this boxset that are just noise, that’s their point so it works, but there are also moments of fragility (Was Going to Say “giant”) that stay with you long after they finish.



At £5 this is a steal, so why not take a leap of faith and get something that was made for the love of it, rather than to make money. I know what I’m going to do.















    • While this isn’t for everyone, there are loads of gems scattered through it.

  1. swood97 said:

    Thanks for the money saving tips! I hadn’t considered that now was a good time to save money on the purchase of music. Good idea!

  2. Hi,
    1. I came over as promised.
    2. Taylor Swift is the queen of pop now. Pop is not dead. Many gave her Entertainer of the Year. Have you had a chance to check out my Green Day post How to Find Immediate Happiness? It’s the only music post I have.

    • Thanks, what did you make of this track?

      Taylor Swift is pretty much the definition of pop. Sadly she doesn’t float my boat as other stuff does.

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