01/01/2015 – Rage Against the Machine-War within a Breath (1999)

A new year has begun, let’s make it better than 2014!



“Everything can change on a New Year’s Day” Zack de la Rocha once sung. How right he was. But why do we feel the need to wait until January 1st to change something we dislike about ourselves. Everyday can be New Year’s Day. You don’t have to wait to make that change. If you want to stop smoking, don’t wait for an arbitrary date, stop smoking the day you think of it. If you want to get healthy, start getting healthy that day.



I understand that these words are a bit redundant as today is New Year’s Day, and it’s the perfect day to start implementing change, but why not for the rest of the year live like every day is New Year’s Day, minus the massive hangover and slobbing round watching junk TV and eating all the MSG laden food you have in your kitchen.












  1. I actually heard someone share that same sentiment yesterday (being Ole Year’s Day as we call it here in Trinidad). We do often wait for the “New Year” to start something grand. What I like about this New Year is that it falls on a Thursday! Not a Monday or Sunday. But I do understand. I started my 2015 on December 5th 2014 actually! I’ll see how that goes for me 🙂

  2. Such a great song and sentiment. This year is going to be a reset year for me in several ways and living each day as 1/1 is not a bad piece of advise

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