30/12/2014 – Let’s Buy Happiness-Figure of Sleep (2014)

North East band release album that fulfils early promise



Over the past five years Newcastle’s Let’s Buy Happiness have been releasing quality single after quality single. In November they released their debut album. It was 56 minutes of sugar sweet vocals, blistering walls of guitars and drums, lamentable lyrics with a pop sensibility. Over all it’s great stuff.



Opening track Figure of Sleep is a balls to the wall rocker. It carries on as it starts. Loud and fast! Luck and Love is a slower number, showing that, although bangers is what they do best, they also have a soft side. Fast Fast is an ethereal number, guitars and vocals merge into one another to create something that feels alive. Start it Up is another upbeat track. There is a sublime middle 8 that shows off the musicality of the band.



Overall this is great album from a band that are reaching the height of their creative powers. If you like indie guitar pop hypernauts London Grammer, this is the album for you!















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