Daily Archives: December 29, 2014

The end of year list is imminent, here something that didn’t quite make the list



2014 has been a mixed bag, musically speaking. There has been a lot of good stuff, more on that in the next few days, and a lot of terrible stuff, less about that later too. One solid album was by Alexis Taylor. It is his third overall, but his debut for Domino. Compared to his previous albums for Treader, this is a straight up pop album.



The standout track is From the Halfway Line. In 2012 Taylor released an EP called Nayim From the Halfway Line, a not so subtle reference to a fluke goal that cost Arsenal the European Cup Winners Cup in 1995. While the original EP and this track don’t sound the same, there is a similar vibe to both pieces. The track is juxtaposition of beautiful vocals against a stark and discordant guitar with almost free jazz drumming.



Considering that Taylor made his name in the electro-indie-pop band Hot Chip, at times this album is as far from their winning formula of dance floor friendly tracks as you can get. However the emotive and wistful lyrics still remain. This is an album that gets better with each play as you pick up more of the lyrically gold that Taylor serves up throughout the album.