24/12/2014 – Carl Zittrer and Paul Zaza-Jingle Bells (1983)

For once and for all the Top 5 Christmas Films



  1. Bad Santa


First up is Bad Santa. This is the Anti-Christmas film. Look away if you don’t like crass humour, profanity, excessive drinking, profanity, Christmas Bashing, er, did I say profanity.





  1. Yogi’s First Christmas


Next up is a childhood favourite. I don’t know why my parents bought me this video as a kid, other than it was Christmas cartoon, as I’d never liked Yogi and is kleptomaniac ways. After watching this film Yule (see what I did there) definitely be full of Christmas cheer and definitely wanting your Christmas Dinner…





  1. It’s a Wonderful Life


If you’ve never seen this film you should. It’s usually in the Top 10 of Greatest-Films-Ever lists, and that’s in the Summer, so you know it’s a solid film. At times this film is a hard watch, as it gets pretty bleak, but overall it reminds us what Christmas is all about.






  1. Scrooged



There have been a lot of re-tellings of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. This is one of the better versions of the story. What I really like about this film is how meta it is. Who doesn’t love a film about the making of a film? Bill Murray is at the top of his game playing Frank Cross, a single serving TV Exec who gets visited by three Ghosts who show him his past and future.





1. A Christmas Story



So now we get to my #1 Christmas film of all time. A Christmas Story is about a nine year living in Post War America at Christmas. What I love about this film is its total normality. Just because it’s about Christmas not everything Ralphie does is Christmas related. Life carries on. I will not ruin any of the details for you, but I will say if this doesn’t thaw out your heart, nothing will!
















1 comment
  1. jprobichaud said:

    Just finished watching ‘Scrooged’. Feel a little empty inside if a Christmas goes by and I haven’t watched it. Can’t argue with Ralphy either. F-udge. Merry Christmas!

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