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One of the best Christmas songs, from one of the best Christmas films ever



In the history of Christmas specials, there are winners and losers. Yogi Bear. Winner. Community. Winner. He-Man. Loser. Chipmunks. Loser. In the bastion of winners a few are above even them. One of them is A Charlie Brown Christmas. The crux of the episode simple. Charlie Brown hates how commercial Christmas is and wants to find it’s true meaning. Hilarity ensures and through Charles M. Schulz’s pathos, Vince Guaraldi’s score the story comes to a heart-warming conclusion.





As with the original Charlie Brown cartoons, Vince Guaraldi’s score is an important part. What makes this special different is that Guaraldi adds Christmas motif’s in with his usual blend of cool smooth jazz. It’s these motif’s and covers of classic Christmas songs that makes this song, and respective album, so playable.



If you are hosting Christmas cocktails, why not play this in the background and have a Cool Christmas…










More Alt-12-Days-of-Christmas fun. On the elevenenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve Campy One-liners





Eleven clips of Piper





Ten Lordz of Brooklyn





Nine Ravers Raving





Eight Owls a drunking



Seven swinging couples





Six rappers guesting








5 Cold Beers

5 Cold Beers



Four Cool Birds





Three boozy Friends



Two songs by Love





And a Christmas card from the Partridge Family