21/12/2014 – ortoPilot-Karma Police (2014)

youtube sensation covers classic, and makes it his own



As more and more music venues are closing across the country, more and more musicians are making the switch to youtube to get their songs and covers out there. One of the best of this new breed of virtual troubadours is ortoPilot. Hailing from Manchester, ortoPilot has been uploading covers, and original compositions to youtube for 8 years. On top of that he has released 15 albums, which are available on Spotify.



His most recent video is a cover of Radiohead’s Karma Police. Instead of it being a guitar cover, this one is a piano cover. What he has effectively done is recreate the emotion and power of the original, but strip it back to its bare minimum, voice and piano. Through using these basic elements the song takes on a new feel. Another reason why the song has an emotional feeling is that it was recorded for a close friend of this cousins’ who’d died. All of these factors add to a beautiful performance to a powerful song.














More Alt-12-Days-of-Christmas fun. On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten Lordz of Brooklyn





nine ravers raving





Eight Owls a drunking






Seven swinging couples





Six rappers guesting








5 Cold Beers

5 Cold Beers



Four Cool Birds





Three boozy Friends



Two songs by Love





And a Christmas card from the Partridge Family






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