Daily Archives: December 17, 2014

Four tracks in seventeen minutes, don’t mind if I do



Some tracks start with a whimper, other fade in slowly, and some start with an explosion of feedback. King TV’s Don’t Wanna Go Home, is with the latter. After a rousing drum intro the most Britpop riff kicks in. This is the most Britpop thing that’s ever happened, well this side of 1997. If Echobelly and the Longpigs formed a super group it might sound a bit like this. The narrative is simple, you go to a gig, stuff happens, you don’t want to go home.



Despite the sound, don’t be fooled, this isn’t Britpop by numbers, nor is it a pastiche. What King TV has done effortlessly is take a tired formula and slightly changed a few things, and breathed new life into it. Each track on the Play on Forever EP is filled with this playfulness. Unlike the original slew of Britpop bands, there is no sarcasm or cynicism in the lyrics. This is just big fun music.



On the December 22nd, King TV at playing at the Brixton Windmill. This looks set to be one of the best gigs during the Christmas period. If you are in the area, go on down for a proper Christmas knees up!







More Alt-12-Days-of-Christmas fun. On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Six rappers guesting












Four Cool Birds





Three boozy Friends



Two songs by Love





And a Christmas card from the Partridge Family