16/12/2014 – MXLX-The Hate (Continues) (2013)

Lo-Fi Acoustic Ambient introverted folk is the order of the day



As the monolith that is Christmas spreads it’s shadow over our lives more and more, the thought of food comas gets closer and last minute panic buying starts to seem like a good idea, we need to step back from the brink, stop and reassess. During these moments of contemplation, a soothing soundtrack is needed. This is where MXLX comes in.



In two years Matt Loveridge has released over 20 albums/EP’s. These are spilt over different aliases Klad Hest, Fairhorns, Gnar Hest, Knife Liibrary, Speed the Plough, Matt Williams and MXLX, as well as being a member of BEAK>. Not bad going. His latest album, Go Away, released through the excellent French label Valeur d’usage Records, is a lo-fi ambient acoustic affair (Loveridge calls the music Autistic Blues).



This is a fair description as the music is abstract and sketch like in places. Some tracks are nothing more than beautiful chord progressions, with misty drone like synth/keyboard in the background. In Loveridge’s own words “Combination of misery and poverty and having nothing else to do brought this record on”, this is an apt description, but there is beauty to it too.



I Am Not a Functional Human Being opens with a simple riff, layered with rhythmic strumming. As the track progresses the strumming gets faster, lyrics kick in and finger picking is introduced. All this add to the tension and the feeling of alienation grows. This being said, the music isn’t depressing, it’s upbeat in places. The Hate (Continues) seems simple enough. It’s just guitar and some humming. The complexity of the playing and the rich sound envelopes you, and draws you into its world.



MXLX is a similar artist to Jackamo Brown and Lupen Crook. They are not content in sugar coat everything like their pap-chart peers. They show you a mirror to the world where everything isn’t rosy, but it’s not all doom and gloom either. They populate their tracks with the ‘other side’ of society. The loners, drifters, people who are depressed/have mental illness, and show that there is beauty in them too. At this time of year, this is an album you can’t afford to miss out on.
















On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me FIVE COLD BEERS!



Four Cool Birds





Three boozy Friends



Two songs by Love







And a Christmas card from the Partridge Family








  1. I fully enjoyed this song. The player wouldn’t work for me so I searched for them on Youtube! It’s amazing. My husband plays guitar so I am already a big fan of it!

  2. How do I get the player to work? Or can you share it with me another way?

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