12/12/2014 – Money for Rope-Easy Way Out (2014)

Had enough of Christmas music? The antidote is here!



Christmas is well and truly upon us. For the Ralphie Parker’s is never last long enough. However the Frank Cross’ among us it can’t be over quick enough, and although it’s the twelfth you still have another twelve days to do before it’s all over. If you are like Frank, you might need an alternative to Slade, Wizard, Shakin’ Stevens and the Wombles being rammed down your throat and ears.



Money for Rope is that alternative. Sounding like a mix of Misfits, Music Machine and the Walkmen, they make a Punk Surf Pop that is hard not to enjoy. On latest single Easy Way Out, the Erik Scerba’s pulsating drums are the main event. Julian McKenzie’s vocals soar and growl and the middle 8/solo really makes this a formidable track.



What makes this really refreshing is that it’s fun. Recently bands have been making very serious, dour sounding singles and albums. Yes we are going through some tough times (economies crumble, Human Rights are being violated and the far right is on the rise), but sometimes you just something big, loud and proud and this is exactly what Money for Rope do. Rumour has it there is an album in the pipeline. If this year’s out-put, and this single are anything to go on, it will be an album you can’t afford to miss!



This evening sees them playing their last UK show before heading home. They are part of their label’s (Killing Moon Records) night at KOKO in Cambden. Also on the bill are label mates Sons & Lovers and the KM DJ’s. Get tickets HERE, or queue in the cold to get one. This looks set to be a Christmas Party you won’t want to miss!



Now for the Ralphie Parker’s out there, here is an alternative 12 Days of Christmas



On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Christmas card from the Partridge Family















  1. tried to finally sign up for spotify – says my browser is not supported ;-(
    I do agree with your point about it being ok for music to just be fun. In fact I’d go further and say a huge swathes of the music I enjoy is fun – people saying it always have to have a message seems a but dull to me,

  2. I love Christmas songs. And this tracks are amazing.

  3. I cannot listen to it because I don’t have Spotify. Is there another way to hear it?

    • Spotify is free, you should get one. You can listen to it on Bandcamp or youtube

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