Daily Archives: December 7, 2014

My morning cup of tea just got Audrey Horne’d



Over the past few months I have been spending my Saturday and Sunday mornings trying to find the right album to play over the first tea of the day.Many albums have been played, but the recurring ones are The Boss-Nebraska, Tomita-Bermuda Triangle, Orange Can-Entrance High Rise, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wonderful World of Disney-Disney Favourites. This is a bit of a curve ball, but the sequence of Bella Norte, I’m Late, Colonel Harti’s March, Cruella De Ville, Pink Elephant on Parade, Never Smile at a Crocodile and Lavender Blue is almost perfect for these early morning Dorset Tea brews.



This weekend however there has been a new contender for this crown. The album in question is Soundtrack from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti. Twin Peaks is one of my favourite programmes. Since my childhood it has transfixed me. Part of the transfixing was the plot. Who Killed Laura Palmer and why? The other part was the music. There was, and is, something sinister, yet pleasurable about the music. It’s strange rhythms and structures pulls you in and you can’t help click your fingers, or dance like The Man From Another Place to it.



Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks



This is exemplified by Audrey’s Dance. The way the keyboards, horns and bass intertwine is just fantastic. It is totally perfect for internal monologuing while drinking the first tea of the day. So why not start your Sunday with one of the best scores ever made, and settle down with a damn fine brew (or coffee, if you want to me authentic).