06/12/2014 – Northsyde-Whipping Post (2009)

At a loss tonight? Why not come along to this. It’s better than watching X-Factor…



After the success of last month’s Club Ealing gig at the Drapers Arms, they’re back again with an even stronger line up. Tonight’s bill includes Luge, Ella and the Blisters, the Chairs and Northsyde.



First up is Luge. Not much is known about Luge, as they’re kind of a local secret, so if you want to find out more, you’ll have to come to the Drapers Arms.



Next up is Ella and the Blisters. This seven piece band draw that incorporates blues, gypsy swing, jazz, folk and country to create something totally original, yet immediately familiar. Latest single Alcoholic Flaw showcases this sound perfectly. After one song they will have you jigging like someone possessed!





Local heroes The Chairs take the stage next. This quartet mix blues and heavy rock perfectly. Sounding like a mix of Led Zep, Chuck Berry and the Mars Volta they have been destroying every band they play with and winning over fans all across a the capital. If they continue at this pace, it won’t be long before they’re playing bigger venues.





Last, but not least is Northsyde. Since 2006 this four piece has seemless mixed blues, funk and rock. This winning formula has seen them play all over Europe. Seeing them in such an intermit environment will only add to the set.





Luge are on at 7.30 and it’s free. Why not make a night of it and get down early. I know I will!











  1. It looks like you have good music lined up for today, not near to where you are, could have come to have some fun. Thanks for sharing .

    • Not even joking, Ella the the Blisters and the Chairs were insanly good. The pub was packed and everyone was jigging. It made me tihnk that a shift is happening an eyes are looking West again after a decade of the East being the ‘place to be’.

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