05/12/2014 – Hunck-Something Missing (2014)

“I’ve run out of things to say, and I’ll be on my way” is the opening line of Hunck’s new EP. You can take this in two ways. Firstly is it just a lyric in a song that helps tell a story/get the narrator’s feelings across. Or secondly have Hunck run out of ideas?





Toy Trucks is a lament about the loss of innocence and how we all die eventually. Moerbeke is predominantly an instrumental, but it does have a chorus of “Aha-aha-aha”. This is the most engaging track on the EP as Hunck turn autopilot off and let rip for a few minutes. The remaining three tracks are instrumental. These range from a Casio keyboard riff, to something that wouldn’t be out of place in an art house film when someone dies or when someone is walking in thought through a city or by a river.



At times it is hard to get excited about some of the EP. Sounding like a mixture of the Flaming Lips at their most melodic and the Arctic Monkeys, all of seven tracks have a slow tempo and it’s hard to tell them apart. As mentioned in a previous blog their songs have a slightly 90’s claustrophobic feel to them. This sets them apart from other bands that have embraced the 90’s revival. There is a lot of feedback going on, but at times the songs can get lost in it. However this being said Hunck are on the right lines and when they get it right it works well (Something Missing and Departures No.2), but they need to change the tone, and pace a bit. This is definitely one to keep an eye and hear on.










  1. This song definitely has a 90’s feel to it. Nice to listen to. I wasn’t quite sure where the cat face fit into the song.

  2. teazoa said:

    Love the song…it totally relax me!

  3. Very good song, definitely something I’ll listen to more often.

  4. Interesting enough
    I was listing to the video, I could hardly understand a word

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