04/12/2014 – Coasts-A Rush of Blood (2014)

New single from up and coming band hits the right notes



Coasts are on a roll at the moment. Not just because they are currently finishing up a UK tour, but because they’ve released a single that fulfils their early promise. A Rush of Blood is chocked full of catchy hooks, waves of luscious guitars and a chorus that immediately gets stuck in your head.





The rest of the single is composed of three songs that could easily have been the lead track. Let Go is the most upbeat of the tracks. It’s propelled along by a funky disco beat, that is aimed to make the audience move and sway at their gigs. Wash Away is a slow burner that gradually builds peaks full of swaths of synths, angular guitars and a mantra like chorus. Lions has the feeling of a lament to a lost love, but the resolution is unclear. It’s these questioning elements that make repeat listens enjoyable. Instead of telling you the whole story, you only get one side and it’s your job, to fill in the blanks.



In a short time Coasts have released some strong singles and hinted that their best work is year to come. Rumour has it there is an album next year in the offing. Plus there is a tour of America in the pipeline too. Given what we’ve seen, and heard so far, Coasts look set to ride a wave to the next part of their career.











  1. Wow, this song is really great. May not like some parts of the video but the song is really awesome! Thank you for sharing Nick!

  2. I am liking “A Rush Of Blood” I am really diggin’ these artistes that youhahve been sharing with us

  3. Always enjoy seeing what entertainment you come up with next.

  4. The Treading Water sounds familiar I love the tune.

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