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Scottish Post-Rock quintet polishes off a successful year with a blistering EP


Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. is the latest EP by Mogwai. The EP picks up where the critically acclaimed and insanely brilliant Rave Tapes left off. As with most Mogwai EP’s the themes and ideas are executed more concisely. Whereas on an album they can take their time exploring the track, on their EP’s they get to the point.



Teenage Exorcists opens the proceedings. While this isn’t classic Mogwai (due to the vocals and the slightly poppy sound), it still has plenty of their LOUD/QUIET formula to keep old fans happy. At times though it sounds like Interpol and Sonic Youth have collaborated. History Day is classic Mogwai. Melodic guitars, haunting piano, glitchy clicks and that overall air that things could turn nasty and heavy at any minute. HMP Shaun William Ryder, is another slow building instrumental. There is a lot going on here, and the track could easily exceed its five minutes. The interplay with the xylophone really adds texture, and allows the bass to surge underneath it all. However the real star is the songs exquisite peak, and the outro is to die for. The remaining three tracks are remixes from Rave Tapes. These remixes never reach the highs of the original tracks; they do come close in places.



As all the tracks culled from the Rave Tape sessions, it’s easy to see why they didn’t quite fit in with that project. However this EP makes a perfect accompaniment piece, as Les Revenants EP was to the original soundtrack. This EP rounds off another successful year, for a band that should be commended for never taking the easy route and sticking to their guns. Let’s hope 2015 is just as good, as Les Revenants returns, hopefully with another flawless score.