Daily Archives: November 29, 2014

Number four with a bullet Ed



This week’s number four in the chart is Ed Sherran with his latest offering. Sticking to form, it’s another bore-fest. I don’t mean to jump on the Ed-Bashing Band wagon, but this is pretty dull. I totally understand that Ed’s vibe is heartfelt, emotional ballards, but c’mon Ed! Where is the inventiveness? Where is the cleverness? This sound’s like it could have been a bad Britpop b-side in the 1990’s.



Sadly this isn’t the most worrying about the track. The fact that it’s number four (last week’s number two and previously number one). This is a worrying sign as it shows that the British public, have, well let’s face it, bad taste in music. If this was once our most popular song, it shows that instead of embracing the musical diversity that has been going on for the last few years, we’d rather play it safe and go for something that we’ve heard before, and was done better then.



There is another more comforting reason for this slow burners rise to the summit of the charts. Perhaps, perhaps it was a slow music week in the run up to Christmas? Something has to be number one right? So why not let Ed have his moment in the Sun after another ‘successful’ year? Sadly I don’t buy this 100%. I had a sinking feeling Ed would have been number one anyway. Come on England, pull your finger out. Next year let’s try and have a better selection with our high charting singles!