Daily Archives: November 28, 2014

Ever wanted to know what cover version of How Soon is Now is the best? You need not wait any longer



The other day I felt the urge to play the Smiths classic How Soon is Now? I cannot explain why I felt this urge, but I did. When I typed the titles into Spotify I was confronted with dozens of different versions. This ultimately made me re-question the version I wanted to play.



After a few moments hesitation, the decision was made. Make a playlist of as many versions that could be found, and then play them to find out the best version. Covers Club was born. The playlist starts with the original version. Then I decided to offer this decision to the floor and see what version people like the most.



Whether this becomes a regular feature will remain to be seen, but for now bask in the glory of 27 different versions of the same song.