27/11/2014 – Lorca-Ndlamu (2014)

South Coast producer unveils new EP with live set



In a very short period of time Brighton based Lorca has made a name for himself in the world of dance music. His style is refreshing and inventive. This was showcased on the Forgive Me Love/Naoko single earlier this year.





Following on from this, Lorca has released a new track from its follow up. Ndlamu is a slight departure from his previous tracks, but utilising tribal vocals and rhythms. However it still remains true to Lorca’s bass heavy ethos. Due to countless DJ sets around the world, the track has a dance floor sensibility that has been missing from his previous cuts.



To mark the release of this new EP on Ben Westbeech’s Naked Naked label, Lorca will be playing an exclusive set a BM Soho on Friday 28th from 5-8pm. This looks to be a great set and I recommend you to get down early as it will get crowded quickly!












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