Daily Archives: November 26, 2014

We Are Shining mix Psych, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop to create something enjoyable and insanely listenable



We Are Shining’s Road grabs you by the collar. It keeps you held until it’s finished, but it doesn’t let go. It keeps holding on for a few more moments. As soon as it lets go, you feel inclined to play it again and the game begins a-new. The whole track sounds like an outtake from Bo Diddley’s Black Gladiator project (with added Afro-Beat), but it was left off due to being too “far out”.



The real power of the track comes from the interplay between the music and vocals. The music is pumping, slightly skewed, thrusting psych influenced rock, with Hip-Hop leanings, whereas at times the vocal delivery is almost lackadaisical. It brings to mind Method Man with touches of Luvinsky Atche (from Paris Suit Yourself). Either way it’s a very compelling listen.



I can’t get enough of this track, nor the album it comes from (Kara). It demands to be played on a loop until you’ve rung out all its meanings and messages. If you are fan of either the Heavy or Malachai, with add added dose of Psych, this is for you!