24/11/2014 – Kid Wave-Gloom (2014)

London quartet remind us of the Summer, with this slab of Summery Indie Pop



This is exactly what today needs. After spending a weekend of self-imposed hibernation, with the heating on and boxsets on constant rotation, Kid Wave’s new single Gloom hits like first rays of Sun to thaw the ice. Opening with an explosion of drums and guitars, it grabs your attention and brings to mind weekends in the park in jeans and T-shirts, evening beer garden sessions and dare I saw, the warmth of the Sun. Given the lead tracks title, this is anything but Gloomy.





Kid Wave mixes the elements of Britpop, indie, shoegazing and adds a dollop of pop, to create something familiar but forward thinking. Imagine Granddaddy forming a group with Kelly Jones on guitar and Justine Frischmann singing, with Marc Waterman producing. As you can hear the results speak for themselves. Second track Brimstone is a rockier affair than Gloom, but this goes in for its favour. On Brimstone Kid Wave are at their best when extending the instrumental sections. This is nothing against Lea Emmery’s vocals, but the real star of this show is the outro!



All I Want is slower and tender (not by much though). Here Emmry is channeling PJ Harvey (along with Frischmann) to create some great vocal moments. The band, drone away nicely in the background, but it never gets boring, nor feels like they are only going through the motions. Final track Young Blood is another stomper and closes the EP perfectly.



There is nothing flashy about Kid Wave. They write great songs and how to achieve that with limited fuss. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the 4-4-2 of songwriting, there is plenty going on, and with each listen to you pick up on something you missed. As the winter is quickly engulfing us, we need music like this to keep the embers of Summer alive.





November 2014













  1. Cherri said:

    I agree! It’s not glamorous but it’s a great song! I’m excited that you’ve introduced me to it! The voice reminds me of someone I can’t seem to place…hmmm…

    • The whole EP is flawless. Her voice is really Frischmann in places.

  2. This does not sound bad. Not something I’d listen to every day but definitely something I’d like to venture out to now and then.

  3. Very interesting music. I am really liking this song. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like when a song opens with an explosion of sounds, especially drums or a wall of thundering guitar

  5. I love the beat and the melody. Thank you for the share.

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