22/11/2014 – Swingatto-Singing in the Rain (2014)

Gypsy swing trio channel Django for intimate gig



Last night I had the pleasure to witness something that will long remain in my memory. Swingatto. If you like the music of Django Reinhardt, you seriously need to check them out. During their sets, they played some of the finest Gypsy Swing I’ve ever heard. Each song was played the passion and respect they deserved, but this isn’t surprising given the calibre of Antonio Feula, Matt Dibble and Miko Ambrogini.



While Swingatto (loosely translated Swing Cats) have only been playing together since February 2014, they are very familiar with each other, and the London music scene. This familiarity works well as they are able to improvise and extend pieces flawlessly and with effortless cool.



A special mention should be given to the venue. Old Mary’s is a basement bar/speak easy that specialises in cocktails and interesting beers. The basement is allegedly haunted, but the only spirits that tormented me were the ones in the drinks I bought. As it’s a basement bar you are very close to the band. This is great as you can really see the trio’s interplay between the guitar, clarinet and double bass really helped to make these standards their own. The music suited the vibe of the bar perfectly (as does their regular in house jazz band).



However during parts of the set, the music was drowned out by a knob who was sitting near us on a date, braying on about nothing and totally missing the point of an intimate gig. Sadly I now know more woeful chat up lines and had an education about the (luckily) defunct TV show Entourage.



Swingatto are one of London’s newest and best kept secrets (as Old Mary’s is too). I for one can’t wait for their next EP and gig, I just hope that the other patrons know their gig etiquette as well as Swingatto know their licks and riffs.








November 2014













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