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Indie pop quartet’s new single is catch-fest



“Friends don’t always make good lovers” Alphabetic lead singer Walter Heale croons. He either knows this from experience, or he’s making a good stab at it. However Alphabetic do make good music. Mixing elements of Sheffield Synth Pop, 1990’s indie and a hint of prog, they are separating themselves from their peers. New single Good Lovers, showcases all this in just over four minutes.



Good Lovers sounds like it was in a John Hughes. You know the bit when the kids were running about and being chased by someone, but always just slightly getting away, then during the middle 8 the two main characters finally get it on in a cupboard/bush/car. Then the chorus appears as a warning to their tryst. John Hughes would have loved this track, but his loss (and Alphabetic’s lack of time machine) is our gain.



This evening is the launch of Good Lovers in the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. This looks set to be a great night of music, dancing and drinking (if you’re drinking don’t drive and if you’re driving don’t drink). Make sure you get down early as for the first 30 people there are perks and freebies. So why not head on down, as it’ll be the perfect start to the weekend!





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