18/11/2014 – Kate Tempest and Loyle Carner-Guts (2014)

SW009 has been announced and it’s possible (sic) their best release yet!



This one is a no brainer. Kate Tempest. Loyle Carner. Dan Carey. YES! Speedy Wunderground have pulled it out of the bag again. After the post-pop of Natalie Bang Bang I was wondering where SW were going to go with their next single club release. I thought “It’ll be some indie band, maybe doing a Christmas song for the December release”. This is so much more exciting.



Kate Tempest needs no introduction, so I won’t give her one. Loyle Carner on the other hand might need a few words. Earlier in the year Carner released his long awaited debut EP. It proved that UK Hip-Hop was alive and well. Although it was less than 20 minutes long, it was chocked full of pathos, social commentary and a musicality that has been missing in UK Hip-Hop for a while. Carner wasn’t copying or pastiching existing artists, he’d created his own sound and world. To call it one the best EP’s of the year is putting it lightly!



To have these two paired together with Dan Carey’s production (sounding like golden age RZA) is anything but inspired. I suggest putting your orders for this one in now, those 250 7” single will sell out quickly!








November 2014








  1. Not really my style of music. But they have a sound that could get me more interested that is for sure.

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