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South coast psychedelic drone electronica group’s new album isn’t as dark and harrowing as the title would lead you to believe



The opening seconds of Mung Crow, sounds the start of Lost, then some distorted blast beats kick in. This isn’t where the Lost vibe ends. I’m not saying that polar bears have been sampled (they might have though later on in the album), or there are references to hatch’s, but like list, things might not be as they first appear. Under all that noise and compressed beats there are melodies and rhythms. It’s this level of juxtaposing that makes Trippin’ Daggers Inner Skull Metal Blade Musique an intriguing and interesting listen.



As the album progresses, not only to the tracks get longer, but they get more experimental and abstract. At times this shift works well and the experimental elements intertwine with the melodies and create something that resembled Feedle and Vangelis at their most extreme, but at other times as with City Stroms, the experimental side overtakes an what we are left with is just a lot of interesting ideas, but not a fully formed track. While this is the nature of the beast when it comes to experimental music, when the two styles are mixed the results are excellent, take Hyper Tile and Lumbargo Extraction.



While Trippin’ Daggers Inner Skull Metal Blade Musique isn’t to everyone’s tastes, DR:WR have struck onto something fairly original and with a little more work they have the talent and vision to create something that could be very special indeed.






November 2014