16/11/2014 – Cath Coffey-Summer Nights (1997)

Cath Coffey show’s how good a cover version can be!



Since Friday I’ve been listening to, and thinking about, cover versions. Over the years there have been some great cover versions (Laura Marling-Blues Run the Game) and there have been some awful cover versions (every X-Factor winner’s single). One cover version however is stuck in my head. Cath Coffey’s cover of Summer Nights (with Tricky) is possibly one of my favourite covers.



One of the reasons for its genius is how different it is to the original. This is crucial if you want to have a good cover. Another reason is its sheer randomness. Whoever suggested that Cath Coffey and Tricky cover the biggest song from the Grease soundtrack was totally inspired. This song shouldn’t work, but on every level it does.



In closing this is everything that Aretha Franklin didn’t do on her latest album.





November 2014








  1. Very different sound! Not sure I can wholly embrace electronica, but maybe if I only sampled it in bits and pieces, I would survive.

    • I really rate it. It’s totally different from the original that is feels like a different track (like Kode9 & Spaceape’s cover of Sign o’ the times).

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