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A klezmer track to start your weekend on the right note



She’koyokh make the kind of music that you generally only hear on holiday. Luckily this octet is based in London and so I have no excuse but to find them and see them live. The music they perform is klezmer, but it also draws in traditional folk elements from the Balkans. It’s nothing short of wonderful.



Wild Goats & Unmarried Women was released earlier in the year and has been un fairly slept on. I totally get that Balkan folk music isn’t seen as cutting edge, like East London’s dive bar indie electro balladeers are, the music contained on this album packs more of a punch. Yes I have no idea what the songs are about, but once you hear the music you feel like dancing. I can’t remember the last band that made me feel that!



If you are bored of mainstream commercial music, why not try this? The worst that can happen is that you’ll be able to one up your muso mate in the pub by naming a band they don’t know, however if you have the same reaction to this as me, you’ll play an album, really enjoy it and have a massive smile all day!



She’koyokh – Hora De La Munte



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