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Anglo Dutch electro indie-pop group return with new single, and slight tweeking in direction



Earlier in the year Cheaters released their brilliant Neon Dreams EP. It was chocked full of enough hooks and charm to win over anti-pop music fans. While the music was 100% it had its focus on the dancefloor and not just headphones. Cheaters have now returned with their new single Bad Thoughts. Luckily it’s more of the same.



Bad Thoughts follows the same pattern of Neon Dreams, expect this time the music is a bit more hard hitting. At times it feels like a dance track with good vocals, rather than a pop track gone dance. The track starts with a beat and a bass wobble. While this isn’t the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard, it’s quite surprising in a pop song. As the song slowly builds the vocals intertwine with the ever shifting music until the end, when it all comes together for a wonderful outro.



Cheaters wear their influences on their sleeve, which was made the Neon Dreams EP grate slightly after repeat listens, but here, their ideas sound fresh and more cohesive. Let’s hope they can continue this new found song writing into the new year, when rumour has it an album might be coming out…





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