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Natalie Bang Bang joins the Speedy Wunderground club with their eighth single release



Natalie Bang Bang is slowly making a name for herself as one of pop’s emerging stars. So far this year she has released three singles. Each one showcases her sugary voice and tongue in cheek biting lyrics. Today sees the release of her fourth, and best single to date. This time she’s joined the ranks of Steve Mason, Archie Bronson Outfit, Toy, Bat of Lashes, Scotti Brains, Kate Tempest, Childhood and Juce. Not a bad bunch to be associated with.



This time however producer extraordinaire Dan Carey has embraced his pop side, but merging that with NBB’s Riot GRRRL influences. They show both sides of her personality. As Dan has worked with some of the biggest bands, it was obvious that he would draw out her indie leanings, but this pop’s when it needs to! On last single He’s So Fine NBB listed that she liked boys with good hair, now she’s added a few more things, most notable “a boy who’s dangerous when wet”. Swimmers with attitude look out. NBB is after you! Are these two tracks companion pieces? Most definitely.



The flipside however is another slice of Carey magic. As Speedy Wunderground’s ethos is to record one track in one day, the B-Sides are either the second part of the song, if it’s too long for the A-Side, or a remix or dub version. SW008 has a dub version. This is not a throwaway track to fill up space. At times it eclipses the A-Side. While Dangerous When Wet is chock a block with sounds, Mr Dan’s Danger School Dub, looks like Sunderland’s defence after they played Southampton. It’s so full of space and holes. This is a good thing, as you get to hear how slick his production is.



On this release Speedy Wunderground are suddenly pulling away on of my favourite labels. Speedy Wunderground – Year 1 is the best compilation of the year, if this is anything to go by next year’s Speedy Wunderground – Year 2 looks safe to be doing the same! As there are only 250 copies of this single, buy it when you can, if not you’ll rue you’re slowness in missing this indie pop gem!





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