31/10/2014 – Elvira-2 Big Pumpkins (2014)

Happy Halloween Ghouls and Ghoulettes!



Today is Halloween so I thought I’d pick five sold gold songs that would be perfect for a Halloween Party. I’ve tried to avoid the usual suspects, you know how you are Ray Parker Jr. and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…



First up is Lupen Crook.




Lupen Crook is a firm favourite at thisyearinmusic. Halloween was taken from his second single. It is full of spooky imagery and his trademark fingerpicking. The middle eight sounds like it would fit in perfectly in any Tim Burton film.



Next up is those psych blue rockers of Arrowe Hill.





While this song might not seem to be that Halloween themed, it is chocked full of Autumnal themes. It is the musical equliviant of going for a brisk walk through the park (after a heavy night out), as the sun slowly goes down. All around you are piles of fallen leaves and conkers. You pull your coat around you tighter to keep the sun out. Then you go to a pub, get an ale (or tea) and sit by the fire as you contemplate going home for dinner. Plus it’s chocked full of Adam Easterbrook’s surreal occultist world view. This is one not to be missed at party time!



This next choice is a bit off piste, but stay with me.





The Groovie Goolies was an American cartoon I used to adore as a kid. The premise is simple. A Vampire, Frenkenstein’s Monster and Wolfman live together in a house. They perform slap-stick/vaudeville routines with each other, but each episode they sing a song. They sung so many songs they released an album (it’s a personal fave). Here is one of the best songs





The next song is a stone cold classic! Howlin’ Wolf needs no introduction, and I won’t be giving him one here. This song is a straight Halloween classic!





Moanin’ at Midnight is chocked full of Wolf’s trademark harmonica and gravel voiced style. It has that Voodoo Blues vibe that would make it perfect for any Halloween themed playlist. While it might not be as iconic as Smokestack Lightnin’ or Evil, it is one of Wolf’s more memorable songs, personally anyway. When I first started making this playlist it was all going to be Voodoo Blues, as that music is perfect for Halloween/Spooky parties.



So last but certainly not least is this song.





So who sums up Halloween better than anyone else? That’s right Elvira “Mistress of the Dark”. Elvira has made a career of the spooky and the macabre. This song, released on Third Man Records, is an tongue in cheek ode to Halloween. While the lyrics are a bit too obvious at time, musically it’s fun and exactly what you want a Halloween.



So there you have it. If you have add any of these songs to you Halloween party playlist it will improve 10 fold*. Other songs that should get a notable mention are:



Ghouls Aloud-Sound of the Underground

Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell

Tricky-Hell is Round the Corner

Misfits-Return of the Fly

The Cramps-I was a Teenage Werewolf

The Sonics-Strychnine

The Black Belles-The Witch



I’m going to leave you with some sage advice from the Mistress of the Dark herself.





Happy Halloween Y’all!



October 2014









*Tenfold is not a real measurement and I might be over exaggerating my musical selections.

  1. I’ve always liked Halloween themed music. It’s fun the celebrate each holiday through song, and not just at Christmas. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Ohhh fun! I can’t wait til my kids get home from school so I can let them listen!

  3. kungphoo said:

    Very cool halloween songs. Moanin at midnight seems like the winner to me!

  4. your songs are (still) playing in my Halloween party!

  5. I love Halloween and it’s music! Elvira is great! Thanks for the post:)

  6. Amazing list! The Howlin Wolf works for me 😉

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