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Afro-Futurism laced acid from the Windy City’s experimental composure



Acid house is making a revival, some would argue it never went away, but that’s a conversation for another time and place. Whether it’s being channelled through pop by Calvin Harris or stretched to its limits by Ritchie Hawtin, acid is definitely making its presence felt. I for one think this is a good thing, as it’s been too long since I’ve heard its hard rhythmic beats and squelchy high end.



Jamal Moss’s (AKA Hieroglyphic Being) take on the genre has always been abstract at best. Instead of following the textbook and creating classic acid house, Moss has mixed his influences and experimented to help create something different. On new EP the Fourth Dimensions of a Nubian Mystic, Moss has added elements of Afro-Futurism to the mix to create a hybrid of both genres.



Title track the Fourth Dimension is, in short, a beast of a track. At eleven and a half minutes it rivals Phuture’s classic Acid Tracks in quality and endurance to get through. It starts off simply enough, a glitch hi-hat pulsating beat, then a hypnotic synth loop kicks in that conjures up classic acid house. As the song progresses more and more elements are deftly added to the mix until there is a maelstrom of noise swirling around you. It’s great on headphones in the office at three o’clock on a Monday afternoon, to hear it played out music be nigh on euphoria*! Its flip side Star Time isn’t shabby either. At seven minutes long it’s half the length of the A-Side, but no less as powerful. While the beat is just as hard-hitting, there is an ethereal feeling to it. The piano riff that peppers it, starts off sounding like Moss has never seen a piano before, let alone played one, but after a through repetitions you realise that’s all part of the charm. Moss knows exactly what he’s doing and the abstract/found vibe adds charm to the track that is lacking in most mainstream acid house.



By the time you’ve finished reading this acid would have had its day and the slide would have started, and something new would be mounting its charge for a comeback Italian Piano House maybe? But before that does happen bask in the joy of these two tracks, because for a fleeting moment these are two of the best songs in the World.



*This is not a reference to the cheesy compilation series.



Hieroglyphic Being – The Fourth Dimension



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