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RIP Klaxons 2005 – 2014



So Klaxons have called it a day. While this doesn’t warrant a press release, there are a few select who are devastated. For these people I feel sorry. Not that they are going through a tough time as a band broke up, but because I’m sad that they like Klaxons. They’ve only made one good album (I don’t mean their debut Myths of the Near Future, but it’s follow up Surfing the Void). While this initially might come across as trolling, I hope explain my indifference about this piece of “news” (I use this word in the loosest sense).



In 2006 there was a period of time when music got all nostalgic for rave culture. That period of time when it was acceptable to wear day-glo colours, get as out of your face as you could and generally lush it up. The band at the fore of this movement were Klaxons (Sunshine Underground, Late of the Pier and Does it Offend You Yeah? Were close runners up for this title too). Their brand of indie-pop with big ravey beats was heralded as a good thing, apart from in clubland who generally wanted nothing to do with them. Klaxons were to rave what Boney-M were to disco. Nothing! After Myths of the Near Future came out their star really started to rise. The highwater mark was when they won 2007’s Mercury Music Prize (it wasn’t a great year but Bat for Lashes or Jamie T was robbed). After that tour ended there was talk about would the follow up be like. Sadly we never got to hear that effort as it was rejected by the label for being too ‘prog and psych’ (if you believe reports in the media). What we were given was far more interesting and engaging that their debut but, as usually happens, it was too different from the original and it the punters didn’t like it as much. Shame on you! This was a band who were trying something they found interesting and fun, but because there wasn’t a ravey cover on it, you lost interest.



After that tour not much happened (musically). Then earlier this year they released their third album Love Frequency. This felt like a step back as they’d tried to be all ‘dancey’ again and were working with ‘hot’ producers, rather than creating good song on their own, the label felt they needed outside help to recreate the ‘good times’. Sadly this didn’t work, as people didn’t buy it, the tour didn’t sell as well and now they’ve decided to cut their losses. My question is why now? Why not two years ago when people actually cared? I guess they thought that this new batch of tracks was just what the public wanted and their ‘hot’ producers were in touch with the zeitgeist as they had funny hair and went out in E8.



So that about sums it up. A mediocre band have split up in the middle of a mediocre tour, to try and generate some interest in a mediocre album. Don’t remember them as they are now, remember them as they were doing what they did best. Make genre bending music that was exciting, interesting and fun.



Klaxons – The Same Space



October 2014