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Natalie Bang Bang’s third single is strongest to date



This track takes no prisoners. From the opening note to the last this is high octane power pop. Natalie Bang Bang (AKA Natalie Chahal) has crafted a song that sounds like “Phil Spector meets Le Tigre on steroids”, her own words. And she’s right. It has Spector’s Wall-of-Sound impact, but with the gritty electro edge of La Tigre at their most abrasive.



Chahal created a song that is the logical progression of RIOT GRRRRL and Girl Power. It rocks as much as it pops. Chahal has subverted the pop sound by adding the bite and bile of grunge. This is the sound of someone who loves Hole and L7 as much as the Spice Girls and P!nk.



This is Chahal’s third single this year and her most fully formed to date. Next month sees the release of her fourth. This time she’ll be the eighth edition of the Speedy Wunderground singles club. Speedy Wunderground is the idea of producer Dan Carey, who grew bored of the time it took record labels to release the bands he produced. So he started his own label. The rules are simple. The song is recorded in one day. It’s mixed and mastered over the following week. After that it’s sent to the pressers and 250 7” singles come back and are on sale within a month. How pop is that?



Natalie Bang Bang – He’s So Fine



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