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Four years since their release the Coral return with ‘lost album’



The history of music is littered with ‘lost albums’. Some weren’t good enough to ever be released, a few were against what was going on at the time and were shelved in favour of something more ‘current’, others were snatched from us at the 11th hour (Neil Young I’m looking at you’re here) and some were so out there everyone involved went slightly insane (Brian Wilson knows what I’m talking here). The Coral’s The Curse of Love is in the second category. While the Coral had made their name making wonderful psychedelic indie pop, 2006 might not have been open to an album like this.



“But at least it’s out now, right?” I can hear you thinking. The short answer to this is yes, but also no. It is a great slab of slow psyched out folkie brilliance, but it is about 1,000,000 times better than Roots and Echoes, the album they actually released after the Invisible Invasion. Tracks like Wrapped in Blue show that they were still capable of writing gems. You Closed the Door is one of the best ballards they’ve ever wrote. However it is on Gently and the Watcher in the Distance that they channel their inner Pentangle, and create some of the albums most memorable moments.



This is the Coral at their psyched out best. It is a mixture of their first and second album. Fuzzy, wonky guitars, but played at a slower folkier pace. The only downside is that it took them eight years to release it. After hearing the Curse of Love you start to wonder what else they have hidden away in their vaults.






The Coral – The Watcher In The Distance



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