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Ghost Culture co-produces dreamy ambient pop masterpiece





Lucid is the debut song by Kelly Lee Owens. Short version. It’s brilliant. Long version it’s bloody brilliant. Even long version it’s really bloody brilliant! Songs like this don’t come along very often. It has a dream like quality to it, but the pulsating beat stops you drifting off. Lucid is an apt title, as the track feels like the definition of the word. The beats and bass are crisp, yet the synth and keys envelope you while the vocals keep you grounded. This is in part down to its co-producer Ghost Culture (we are long time admirers of his work at thisyearinmusic towers). You can hear his flourishes all over the track.





The last time Owens was heard, she was on Daniel Avery’s (instant classic) debut. On these three tracks she showed the versatility and adaptability of her voice. However on Lucid she is up front and the tone and quality of her voice come through. While it’s too early to start shouting her name from rooftops and calling her the crossover artists the current scene has been missing, she is definitely one to watch over the next few months if this is anything to go by.








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