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Noel Gallagher sets up second High Flying Bird’s album with comeback single



In the Heat of the Moment is the comeback track from Noel Gallagher. It picks up where his debut solo album (High Flying Bird’s) left off. The guitars are big and dumb, the chorus is catchy and the verses fill in the gaps. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Noely G. If this is what the new album is going to sound like then its business as usual. Which is all fine, but, well, ultimately we feel let down.



This is the man who inspired a generation of kids to pick up guitars (for better or worse). He wrote songs that are engraved into the national psyche. He had a feud with the other great singer songwriter of his time, and they inspired each other to make great music, and for five minutes he made supporting Manchester City cool.



When Oasis broke up (for the last time) I promise and potential was there for him to do something different. He wasn’t shackled by his band mate’s abilities to match his vision. He could stop writing three minute pop songs and start to create the music he loved (psychedelic inspired space rock). In interviews before the release of the first High Flying Bird’s album he hinted that he had two albums in the pipeline. The first was a standard rock album and the second was a collaboration with the Amorphous Androgynous. While High Flying Bird’s album played it safe (a little too safe for some) we were promised something special to follow. Over the months (and years) since its release Gallagher has said that the Amorphous Androgynous album has been scrapped. Personally I think this is down to fear. Is it fear that the album wouldn’t live up to the hype, or that the music he made would push him too far away from the mainstream, or that it wasn’t very good? Sadly we’ll never know. Whether these songs will feature on new album Chasing Yesterday will remain to be seen. If In the Heat of the Moment is anything to go by the answer is now.



If Gallagher is going to continue to play it safe, it seems pointless that he won’t reform his old band, as the majority of his songs always sounded better coming out of someone else’s mouth (namely brother Liam). While In the Heat of the Moment isn’t the worst song I’ve heard, it isn’t the best, and nowhere near as good as his earlier work. So come on Noel, patch things up with Liam, even if it’s just for the money, as ultimately you both need each other to surpass where your current birds are flying.





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