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Brighton singer songwriter unleashes opus on an unsuspecting world



King of Cats is a bit like Marmite. You’ll either love him or hate him. Personally I think he’s great. His music contains an honesty that others will strive a lifetime to achieve, not never reach. What you see and hear is what you get. I had the pleasure of seeing him a few days ago and it is a performance that will stay with me for a while.



What we got on that wet Friday night in Brighton was a man on a stage baring his soul. It was just him an electric guitar (played scratchily) with some kind of FX pedal(s). When he started I wasn’t keen. KofC sings in a falsetto, part childlike, and part feline screech. Imagine Daniel Johnston meets Robert Pollard. It was hard to take at first, but after a few songs I got into it and I started to hear the beauty it contained.



There was one song in particular that resonated with me more than the others. The chorus was “Not everybody gets the joke” over and over again, like a demented mantra. Was KoC saying that his performance was a joke and not to take him seriously, or was the song about some joke he’d told people and it hadn’t gone down well? I don’t know and partly I don’t care. I just liked the song.



Luckily for me KoC has just released it as his new single so I can play it to my heart’s content. It’s more polished here, and there isn’t the extended mantra outro, with is the only downside on this song. If you see KoC in your local area I implore you to go and check him out, as it’ll be a show you’ll remember for a long time!




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