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North London sisters channel Haim via XX and KoL



Anticipation was high when Jagaara took the stage. The night had been going well, and now the crowd wanted some music. The side of the stage had been set aside for their gear (mini Korg synth and a couple of guitars), so interest has high as to the music they would deliver. After a brief introduction the sister Jagaara took the stage. Dressed in black with flourishes of plaid, they looked the part. Early on it became apparent that a full set wasn’t going to be possible (due to problems with the Korg), so they went for a stripped back set. Which suited the mood of the crowd perfectly.



Instead of the electronic Imogen Heap-esque pop, that their debut single Faultline hinted at, instead they played a beautiful acoustic ballad full of harmonies and longing. On the next song they switched things up a bit (as some life was breathed into the Korg) and they played something that wouldn’t have been out of place on the Haim album. Now they were in full swing and had the crowd aching for the next song. As the Korg was behaving they went into another full bodied song, this sounding like a mixture of Wild Beats, the XX, Kings of Leon and Haim. The final song was more of the same and by the end of it the crowd erupted into an explosion of cheers, whistles and claps.



During their set they hinted that this was a rare stripped down set, so I’m curious (or is that anxious) to see them with a full band. There has always been a something moving about three part harmony and a finger picked acoustic guitar. If Jagaara are able to create songs of this power and simplicity this early on in their career I can’t wait to hear what they do next.


Jagaara – Heartbeats



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