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BNJMN releases his second EP of the year and a third is imminent, minimal techno never sounded so appealing!


BNJMN has been a busy boy. Not satisfied with releasing an excellent EP on Technicolur (Ninja Tune offshoot), but he has released another EP on Delsin. Coil contains similar elements to IV EP, but at times it has flourishes of ambient that Dr. Alex Peterson would be happy with.



Title track Coil opens with swirling synths, abrasive loops, and 4/4 beat. It is in the same vein as IV, but there is enough going on to keep it from being formulaic. It’s a dance floor track at heart, but it’s also enjoyable on the tube, or at a desk. Berth contains a simple loop, but coupled with ethereal synths and a beat so subtle that at times if drifts out of the mix. Together they create an ambient track that is similar to fog. If engulfs you, yet you can see through it to all its collective elements. Stand out track Merge is another dance floor gem. It’s a pulsating beast of a track. Skittering loops (at one point it sounds like a modem dial up has been sampled and manipulated), wonky bass, driving beat all make for an euphoric five and a half minutes.



Coil shows a progression in BNJMN’s work. Not only is he capable of making dance floor favourites, but he has crafted some well thought out music. This EP coupled an incendiary DJ set, show that BNJMN is more than a bedroom producer. He knows his audience and what makes up a good show. If BNJMN continues to make music of this calibre his next album promises to be topping end of year lists.



There is a silver lining to this story too. Later in the year BNJMN has a collaborative album with Best Available Technology, and that’s coming out on another label (Astro:Dynamics this time). If the quality of this year’s EP’s then this could be someone remarkable. Personally I’m counting down the days.



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