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New Wave gets lodged in my head, and because I’m a nice guy I want it to get stick in yours!



Lene Lovich was a New Wave darling. She released her best work between 1978 and 1982 on Still Records. If you don’t know about Stiff, look them up. They have released some of the best Punk, New Wave, Indie and Pop albums.



Today’s song, Trixi, is the B-Side to my favourite Lene Lovich single Bird Song. I remember seeing this on TV as a kid and it freaked me out. Weird church scenes, creepy birds in graveyards, odd looking priests standing around an organ and those vocal yelps. It’s still stand ups today, but don’t take my word for it, check out the video below.





Pretty cool right? Personally, Lene Lovich sits between Patti Smith and Kate Bush (you know, a better Toyah). She was theatrical, but had heavy driving music around her. It was the perfect mix for the times. Sadly



Trixi on the other hand is this demented fairground waltz (does it remind you of the Resident too?). In 1979 people must have thought “What the hell is this? This isn’t very punk!” but 35 years later it has stood the test of time better than the A-Side.



For some unknown reason this has been going round my head all day. When this happens I find getting something hooked on the song, normally gets it out of my head. As I a no longer have the this earworm it must have worked, so you know, thanks for you help!


Lene Lovich – Trixi



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