31/08/2014 – Kate Bush-Waking the Witch (1985)

Bush mania rolls on. Eight albums in the top 40.



After her first gig in 35 years eight Kate Bush albums are in the UK top 40. What is more remarkable is that she only has 11 studio albums. This is about 72% of her total output in one chart at one time. What is more remarkable is that she is the first female artist to do this.



Out of her discography her debut The Kick Inside (1978) and Hounds of Love (1985) are my personal favourite. This might seem that I am only picking the albums with the biggest singles on them, but it is more than that. The Kick Inside is full of wonderful ideas and some of the most interesting pop songs committed to tape. Hounds of Love on the other hand is an album of two halves. The first half (Hounds of Love) is chocked full of massive pop songs (including three of Bush’s most famous), but it is the second side that is the most interesting. The Ninth Wave is a suite of seven songs that Bush herself described as being “About a person who is alone in the water for the night. It’s about their past, present and future coming to keep them awake, to stop them drowning, to stop them going to sleep until the morning comes.” Not bad for a pop album eh?



If you have never heard this selection of songs I recommend that you do. They truly are wonderful. At times the lyrical content is abstract, humorous, loving, scary and chilling, but they are never dull. It is a work of brilliance. The old expression “They don’t make ‘um like this anymore” is sadly true with this album. Let’s hope that this sudden bout of live performances (also called The Ninth Wave) might inspire Bush to get back into the studio and create something as bewitching again.



Kate Bush – Waking The Witch



August 2014








  1. Martha Kennedy said:

    Love her work. “Running Up that Hill” is one of my top three songs and played a huge part in my life. Waking the Witch is an incredible piece — beautiful and mysterious. Great post! Thank you!

    • Waking the Witch might be my favourite Kate Bush track. I don’t play it a lot, but when I do it really gets under my skin and I can’t shake it off.

  2. Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this brilliant work of art! 🙂

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