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One of the most prolific producers returns with a friend for split mixtape


Ras G should need no introduction. His name should be uttered and complete recognition and comprehension should follow. Like tea, work or books. You may not like them, but you get 100% what they are as soon as they are mentioned. This is what I’m like with Ras G. When I see his name mentioned I know what they mean. When someone describes a song and add “you know, like Ras G” at the end I get it totally. If this blog does any good, more people will be able to do this after hearing his name. I had this sensation yesterday when I read online that he had a new release on Leaving Records. 30 seconds later I had purchased this new mixtape (that is actually a tape!!!!). The download was immediate and a minute later I was listening to the new Ras G release.



“So what’s it like?” I can hear you ask. Well firstly its 30 minutes of some of the most incredible and forward thinking beat music I’ve heard in a while. Secondly Ras isn’t on his own. He teamed up with VHVL. They both take a side each. Ras decided to break his 15 minutes up into seven tracks whereas VHVL went for one 15 minute piece. This is pretty brave, but consider that this is his first release, it’s a bit of a gamble. Luckily the gamble pays off as the music is excellent. It intertwines, throbs and recontextualises itself over its 15:22. Oh did I mention that’s bloody good?



What I really admire about Ras G is that (basically) he does what he wants. If he wants to make an Afrofuturism album. He does. If he wants to redefine hip-hop he does. If he wants to make a track based out of records he spent $10 on from his favourite thrift store. He does. But what separates him from his peers is that the music he makes is always amazing and thought provoking. I’ve never listen to a Ras G track and though “He was only going through the motions with this one”. I’ve always felt that whatever I’ve just heard, there was an idea behind it and a point. Granted the point might be missed on me (at that time), but I know there is a point to it.



In these time when anyone with a computer and sound manipulation programme can create ‘music’ (Avicii I’m looking at your here). I find it refreshing that someone has a concept and uses technology to create this, rather than just bunging a few hokey samples together with an awful beat and calls it a track. Ras G is a hero. So the next time someone mentions you know what he’s about. Authenticity, quality productions, high concepts and above all amazing music! I just wish everyone else was as easy to get it as you were!





Ras G-3am Downtown



July 2014