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The tour is over, but what a tour!!!!



The 2014 Tour de France should go down as a classic! From the first stage there were blood sweat and tears (maybe not in that order). I have never known a tour when so many of the favourites went out so quickly. To call it open was an understatement.



After the first week it was pretty safe to see who was going to win the yellow and green (save any more accidents or attacks), but who wins isn’t really all the tour is about. Each day is its own mini tour. Personally I love the breakaways and it always make me sad when they get caught, but when they don’t I’m ecstatic.



In Vincenzo Nibali there is a true winner (as long as it turns out he’s clean). He has won all three Grand Tours. A feat that not every winner can say. Whether this will be the start of many tour titles will remain to be seen, but for now he can rest on his laurels. With Peter Sagan there is a sprinter who can climb mountains. I wonder if the time will come when he decides to go for the GC title. I think that if he does he will have to write off a whole season getting mentally and physically set for it. A friend thinks he could easily with yellow if he changed his mindset. I’m not so sure, but I’d love to see him try.



For now the tour is over, but in a little under a month my attentions will be sent to Spain where the Vuelta will take place (23/08/2014 – 14/09/2014). This year’s Vuelta looks set to be completely different from most years. A lot of the fallen tour riders have now set this as their ‘Must Win’ event. Let’s hope that they pull off a classic and get this race in everyone’s mind (and soul).




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