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Vocalist for hire shows she is an artist in her own right on jazz fest’s last day



You know Heidi Vogel. She has probably sung on songs that you love, but until now you never really knew who she was. All this is changing now. In 2013 Vogel released Turn up the Quiet. If you know Vogel only by her guest appearances, this might sound like a little out of the blue. After playing Turn up the Quiet I went back and listened to a few of the tracks she’s guested on and it fits. On every song she’s sung on, he’s give a jazz performance (give or take a few). Turn up the Quiet was the album she was born to make.



Jump forward to today and she has performed at the Ealing Jazz Festival with her quintet. And what a performance it was! During her hour and fifteen minute set she sung the gambit of latin, soul, funk and jazz (of varying types).



The most refreshing part of the set was how laid back it was. You got the impression that Vogel was relishing every moment she spent on stage entertaining the crowd. It was the perfect end to what was the best Ealing Jazz Festival in years. Everything clicked with her set. My personal highlight sadly wasn’t anything Vogel sung, but a gesture she made. There was a little girl dancing, so she brought her on stage and she danced for everyone.



Since seeing her live I have been playing Turn up the Quiet (its actually playing as I write this) and now I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I’d love to see a full collaboration with the Cinematic Orchestra (who she has worked with before and remixed the album’s titles track). The two would work perfectly. But until then I’m going to stick with her last album. And as should you.



Heidi Vogel-Love Dance



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