24/07/2014 – Agata Kubiak-Black Hole Sun (2014)

Polish singer\violinist is the act not to be missed at the Ealing Jazz Festival today



Agata Kubiak is talent personified. Her voice is beautifully sweet, but with a slight sardonic edge. Her violin playing is second to none. While her music cannot be solely classed as jazz (if contains elements of rock, classical and folk) all of her work is grounded in jazz. In May she released her debut album Polarity. Polarity is a fitting name. The songs that make up this wonderful debut are part original compositions and part covers. Kubiak’s take on Soundgarden’s classic Black Hole Sun is as wonderful as it is startling. She adds an element of warmth that is missing from the original.



Kubiak is being backed by the Konvalia String Quartet tonight. This threatens to be a truly wonderful and mesmerising performance. Kubiak’s voice will cut through the swirling maelstrom of music that the Konvalia String Quartet will create. On the surface the music might seem simple, but once your ear catches the melody you will be split between listening and trying to process what you’ve heard and how they did it.



While this might not be music to everyone’s tastes, it will be a spectacle that needs to be scene (and heard). As Kubiak is still studying at at College of Music, hers is a talent that has only just started to come to prominence. While I understand that the Ealing Jazz festival is not a small event (by scale and prestige) this might be one of the best way to see Agata Kubiak at a festival and still be able to watch what she does as closely as if she was at a normal gig!



Agata Kubiak – Black Hole Sun



July 2014









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  1. Viyoma said:

    It must be really mesmerizing to perform such talent perform live. Gifted people indeed.

  2. Amy said:

    Your description of this musician really pushes me to seek out her music. She sounds just amazing!

  3. Wow Nick, I had never heard of Agata Kubiak before, love her stuff! Thanks for always introducing me to new artists.

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